This is a brief introduction to what you'll find on each of the Treejack Results tabs.


Shows you details like the launch date, the number of participants who started the study, the number, and who completed the study. It also shows average Success and Directness scores and average time taken across the whole study.


In the Analysis tab, you'll see the following:


Presents a table of all the participants that started your study, including people who abandoned the study. Use this table to segment your results based on participant information.


Shows the answers to your screening, pre- and post-study questions.

Task Results

This shows you success the directness scores, as well as the average time it took for your participants to complete your tasks. In addition, you’ll see your pietree results, and the number of direct/indirect failures, skips and successes.


Visualization that shows the percentage of participants who went down correct and incorrect paths, who went back up the tree at any point, and all nominated answers.

First Click

Shows where participants clicked first for every task.


Shows a text version of participant paths in detail. You can select and deselect the option to display paths with direct and indirect success, direct and indirect failure, and direct and indirect skips.


Presents a table that shows a breakdown of where your participants ended up for each task.


Here you'll find the raw data collected for your study. You can download uncut or filtered versions of both your Participants and your Task Results.


Options for sharing results publicly, via secret URL, or with password access only. Can give access to some or all of these: Task Results and Pietrees, First Clicks, Paths, and Destinations.

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