Tells you the launch and closing dates, how many people have participated, and how many people completed all the tasks.


This is where you'll perform most of your analysis. It includes the Participants tab, the Questions tab, and the Clickmaps tab.


Presents a table of all the participants that started your survey, including people who failed to complete it. You can configure this table to show only relevant participants. Read more...

Questions tab

Shows the answers to your screening, pre- and post-study questions, and gives the percentage of participants who answered particular multi choice questions.

Clickmaps tab

Shows the clickmap results for each task, which you can view as heatmaps, grid maps, and customized selection maps, in color or grayscale.


Download your raw data, your clickmaps, and a participant spreadsheet. Read more...

Results sharing

You can share your clickmaps with anyone by generating an access URL. You can make the results public, create a secret URL, or allow access with a password.

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