Here's a brief description of what you can do in each tab when creating an OptimalSort study. Click the headings to find out how to use the elements on each tab.

Settings tab

  • Name your study and its URL
  • Select the language your participants will see on page titles and buttons
  • Protect your study with a password
  • Set when your study will end

Cards tab

  • Type or import your card labels or images
  • Customize the cards your participants will see, and in what order
  • Download printable cards for a moderated card sort

Categories tab

  • Select your categories setting — open, closed, or hybrid
  • Create your categories
  • Select whether participants must name all categories in open or hybrid sort

Messages tab

  • Write welcome and thank you messages (or use default messages)
  • Write instructions for your participants (or use default instructions)
  • Enter a redirect URL to direct your participants after the study

Questionnaire tab

  • Select how study participants will be identified in your results
  • Add screening questions for your participants to answer
  • Create pre- and post-survey questions for your participants

Design tab

  • Upload a logo which your participants will see when they complete your study
  • Select the colour of your study surroundings

Recruit tab

  • Share your study with a URL, QR code, intercept snippet, or through social media
  • Recruit participants through our easy-to-use integrated recruitment panel
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