By importing existing observations, Reframer can be used to store and make sense of all your qualitative research, helping to track your data over time.

You can import observations from a spreadsheet or text document, using the ‘Import’ function, or enter existing observations directly into Reframer after your session.

Of course you can also type your notes directly into Reframer after a session if you prefer to use a notebook during your sessions, or write up your notes retrospectively from an audio or video recording.

Importing observations into Reframer

You have 2 choices when importing options from outside of Reframer: upload from a spreadsheet using our CSV template or copy and paste observations into a text box.


CSV template upload

The spreadsheet option allows you to include other information, such as tags and the time the observation was recorded; it’s also handy if your data is already in a spreadsheet, of course!

  1. Go to Reframer and create a new session

  2. Click on the ‘import observations’ icon within the observation input field and choose ‘Upload from our CSV template’

  3. Download the spreadsheet template from the pop-up window

  4. Fill in the spreadsheet with the information you want to import (observations, tags)

  5. When you’re ready to import, press ‘Choose file’ and select your spreadsheet

  6. Select the timezone your observations were taken in

  7. Press ‘Import’

  8. See your imported observations appear in that Reframer session

  9. If you’re including tags in the import — you’re all done! If not, you can now tag your observations and get ready for analysis

Copy and paste

Copying and pasting is great if you want to create observations from notes you’ve taken in a text document. We’ll create a new observation each time a line break is detected.

Pro tip: If you’ve got a spreadsheet with data in it in our supported format, you can copy and paste the whole thing into our text box instead of uploading a file.

  1. Head to Reframer and create a new session

  2. Click on the ‘import observations’ icon within the observation input field and choose ‘Copy and paste into a text box’

  3. If you want to include tags or timestamps you’ll need your data to be in our format so choose ‘Use our spreadsheet’ to download a copy of our template from the pop-up window. If you want to import text only then you can skip this step

  4. Copy all the data you wish to import then paste into the text window

  5. If you’ve used our spreadsheet format to include timestamps then select the time zone they were taken in, otherwise you can skip this step

  6. Press the ‘Import’ button and we’ll begin to create those observation for you

  7. See your imported observations beautifully appear in that Reframer session where you can start to apply tags to get you ready for analysis.

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