You can start capturing observations as soon as you've created a session.

The interface is designed for you to capture and tag your observations as quickly as possible. It encourages you to capture everything you see and hear.

To help focus your attention during your session, we recommend tagging your observations afterwards in the ‘Review’ mode, at least to start with.

To capture an observation quickly

Type your observation → Enter

Click in the observation text box to write your observation. You can write your observation as one paragraph and hit Enter to save and start the next one, or you can hit Shift+Enter to start a new line within the same observation.

To tag observations inline use hashtags and quote marks

To create tags during observations, place hashtags in front of key words (for example, #homepage). You can also create a quote tag automatically by adding speech marks to the observation (for example, Participant said "I can't find the sign up link"). These tags will appear under the observation when you save it.

Alternatively (and as well), you can tag your observations in the ‘Review’ mode after your session. Read more about reviewing your observations.

Use starring to highlight important observations

Highlight any important observations using the star icon. This is useful for identifying observations that may be particularly relevant, or quickly identifying observations you want to review later on.

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