We promise quality responses

We recruit participants remotely from all around the world, and cannot guarantee that everyone will take your survey seriously, nor that they’ll give you answers you expect. Most participants will be great. A few might not be.

We can guarantee, however, that bogus participants will be replaced at no charge. If you suspect this in your results, just contact support and we’ll put it right.

Rules for recruiting

Survey must be live

Your survey must be live before you can recruit participants so that they can receive a live survey link. You'll see the option to recruit participants on your Studies dashboard:

Participants will be anonymous

Participants recruited via our service will not be asked for an email address or other identifier. Any other participants you invite will still be required to enter an email address or other identifier if set.

We ask that you don't ask for identifying information in pre and post survey questions (names, emails, location, and so on). These questions will stop your order from being processed.

We make sure that your survey meets these requirements before we send it to our participants.

Participants will not need a password

If set, participants recruited via our service will not be required to enter a password. one. Any other participants you invite will still be required to enter the password you choose.

Participants will not be redirected

If you set a redirect URL on your survey, recruited participants will not be redirected on completion. They will see the Thank You page instead.Any other participants you invite will be redirected.

OptimalSort card limits

Due to participation time limits from our recruiting partner, closed card sorts may have up to 90 cards and open card sorts may have up to 60 cards.

Getting more participants than you paid for?

At times, we provide extra participants to cover for any potential responses that for any reason don't meet our standards. You won't be charged for these participants.

For example, you might pay for 50 participants, and see that 67 participants have completed your task. In this case, you will only pay for the initial 50 participants you ordered.

Using a Participant Screening question when recruiting participants

Our participant recruitment service allows you to recruit for a wide range of demographics. As such we can provide recruited participants 'pre-screened' to have the characteristics you require, removing the need to use an in-study screening question.

If you intend to order targeted participants via our recruitment service and still need an in-study screening question then we support this. However there are a few things to be aware of:

  1. We make every effort to replace participants that fail your screening question free of charge
  2. If the screening question rejects more than 66% of our recruited participants we will need to take action in order to ensure we can supply the volume of participants you have ordered

Screening behaviour when rejection percentage exceeds 66%

Once the percentage of rejected participants exceed 66% then the screening behaviour will change. All further recruited participants will still be shown the screening question however they will be allowed into the study regardless of their answer. We will notify you in-app and via your supplied email should this occur.

To ensure participants that would previously have been rejected do not impact your results, their responses will be excluded from the analysis by default.

You can identify these participants from the 'Participants' section of the 'Analysis' tab.

They will be toggled off and have an exclamation mark next to them explaining the reason we've defaulted to excluding them. Should you wish to include their results regardless of their 'rejected' screening response you may do so by using the INCLUDE toggle to toggle them on .

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