On the 7th April 2014, an OpenSSL vulnerability had been publicly disclosed. The security threat nicknamed "Heartbleed” is a serious vulnerability that may affect many websites and applications on the internet.

What is ‘Heartbleed’?

‘Heartbleed’ is a bug that can be used to compromise servers that use SSL to encrypt their network communications. Please click here to see the full details of the ‘Heartbleed’ bug.

What should I do?

While there's no evidence that Optimal Workshop user data has been involved, once we heard about this security issue, we immediately patched all systems. Optimal Workshop is no longer vulnerable to the exploit and your data is safe.

Due to the widespread nature of this vulnerability, we recommend changing your passwords across the web, especially for sensitive sites (banking etc).

For help or further information about these security measures, please email support@optimalworkshop.com.

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