How to share your study

When you’re confident your study is ready to be launched, it’s easy to share it with the world.

Head on over to the Recruit tab and you’ll see an array of sharing options on the page. You can only share studies that are live.

URL: You can shorten the URL for your study before you share the link to participants. This is useful for any platforms that have limited character space.

QR code: Your study can easily be shared with smartphone users via a QR code. This can be downloaded as a PNG or SVG file.

Intercept snippet: You can install an intercept snippet on your site while your study is live. This will allow your study to pop-up for users of your site, inviting them to participate in your study. You can customize the message in the pop-up, as well as colors and microcopy. Simply press the ‘Get code’ button when you’re done previewing, then install the snippet code and you’re on your way to results.

Note: The intercept snippet uses a tracking cookie with the following pattern 'ow-intercept-treejack-{study identifier}'. This cookie name is unique to each study and is used to avoid showing that same pop-up to the same person multiple times. Depending on your organisation's privacy compliance obligations you may need to declare this.

Social media: Hit the social media icons to share your study URL on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn — easy!

Using our participant recruitment service

Sourcing participants for your study on your own can be difficult. Fortunately, we have an integrated participant recruitment panel that’s easy to use and will provide you with quality, targeted responses.

If your study isn’t live yet, you’ll see a ‘Get a quote’ button, which will take you to a recruitment quote calculator. From there, you can pick your target demographics and request a quote for the service.

When your study is live, click the ‘Order participants’ button at the bottom of the Recruit tab to select the demographics of your participants, and your order will be sent.

Participants will be anonymous

Participants recruited via our service will not be asked for an email address or other identifier. Any other participants you invite will still be required to enter an email address or other identifier if set.

We ask that you don't ask for identifying information in pre- and post-study questions (names, emails, location, and so on). These questions will stop your order from being processed.

We make sure that your study meets these requirements before we send it to our participants.

Participants will not need a password

If set, participants recruited via our service will not be required to enter a password. Any other participants you invite will still be required to enter the password you choose.

Participants will not be redirected

If you set a redirect URL on your study, recruited participants will not be redirected on completion. They will see the thank you page instead. Any other participants you invite will be redirected.

Extra participants than you've paid for?

At times, we provide extra participants to cover for any potential responses that for any reason don't meet our standards. You won't be charged for these participants.

For example, you might pay for 50 participants, and see that 67 participants have completed your task. In this case, you will only pay for the initial 50 participants you ordered.

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