If you have used session tags in your study, read this article before enabling the new version of Reframer.

Please also be aware that from May 4, 2019, all studies will automatically be switched to the new version of Reframer.

With the release of Reframer out of beta, we've rolled out a new feature called 'Segments'. These are replacing the old 'Session tags' from old Reframer.

For anyone who still has an active study in the old version of Reframer, there's unfortunately no automatic way to migrate your session tags over to segments.

What are segments and how do you use them?

Segments are a feature in the latest version of Reframer and are useful for identifying demographics, personas, user types or other facts you want to capture about your sessions. They come in handy when you’re analyzing your results and identifying patterns.

For example, if you’re researching people based upon their job role and want a mix of ‘iPhone’, ‘Android’ and ‘Blackberry’ mobile device users then you’d create 2 segments called ‘Role’ and ‘Device’. You’d then add your segment labels ‘iPhone’, ‘Android’ and ‘Blackberry’ into your segment named ‘Device’.

How to migrate your session tags to segments in Reframer

Step 1:

In the old version of Reframer, start by going through each of your sessions and note down all the session tags you used. Write these down in the session notes field, save your changes and move along to the next session.


Step 2:

Switch on the new version of Reframer. Just a head's up — you can't switch back so make sure you've got what you need before hitting the button!

Step 3:

You’ll now be taken to the Study overview tab where you’ll see a list of all your sessions. You’ll have your list of session tags saved in your session notes field to remind you of the tags you used.

Step 4:

Within each session there’s a field called ‘Segments’. Press the ‘Manage segments’ button and you can start creating your segments and all the labels that will sit inside each one.

Back in your old Reframer study, the session tags we used were ‘Student’, ‘Teacher’, ‘Retailer’ and other bits of demographic information about our study participants. In the new version of Reframer, we can group these pieces of information into segments.

Here we can create a segment called ‘Job’ and add ‘Teacher’, ‘Retailer’ and ‘Student’ as segment labels. We can also create a segment called ‘Device’ and add ‘PC’, ‘Desktop’ and ‘Tablet’ as labels.

Step 5:

Now you can apply your segment labels to each individual session, just like you did when you set up session tags in the old version of Reframer. These labels will sit at a session-level, so you won't see them applied to every single observation like observation tags behave.

If you run into any problems or have any questions, reach out to support@optimalworkshop.com.

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