What are guest notetakers?

Guest notetakers are a type of study member that can be invited to take notes in your Reframer studies. This feature is a great way to involve your wider team or stakeholders in your user research activities.

You can invite guest notetakers on any of our plans:

  • Free plans have a maximum of 3 guest notetakers per study

  • Paid plans have a maximum of 30 guest notetakers per study.

They do not take up any of your paid seat licences as they aren't team members, and have their own special login via email invitation only. 

Guest notetakers can only add observations to sessions. They can’t see observations other than their own, create or add tags, or access the analysis tab in Reframer. 

Add guest notetakers to your study

Guest notetakers are invited at the study-level, which means once you add them to your study, they can take notes for all the sessions within it.

In your Reframer study, go to the Study members tab and click on the ‘Add guest notetakers’ button.

You'll find all your paid team members and any guest notetakers on the study members tab.

Fill in your guest’s email address, name and any important notes you want to send along with your invitation.


Once your invitation has been sent, your guest will receive an email with a link to access the study. Once they visit the sign-in page, they’ll be sent an access code which they’ll need to log in to the study. This code is valid for 1 hour. 

If you’d like your guest to take notes in other Reframer studies, you’ll need to send them another invitation.

Remove guest notetakers from your study

You can remove guest notetakers from your study on the Study members tab. Once your guest has been removed, they’ll be notified via email and will no longer have access to any sessions. Any observations that your guest made will remain in your study. 

Invite additional guests to your study

If you run out of invitations for your study you have a few options available. 

  • You can delete a guest notetaker that has not accepted your invitation and reuse it for a different guest. 

  • You can delete a guest notetaker that has accepted your invitation, but has not yet made any observations, and reuse the invitation for another guest.

  • You can upgrade to a paid plan for a total of 30 guest notetaker invitations. 

  • You can purchase additional seats for team members.

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