Once your tasks are set up you can start using them during your usability testing sessions.

Go into your session to start capturing observations. By default, your session will begin with ‘Unassigned observations’. This is for all the information that’s not related to tasks, such as background information about your participant. By leaving it ‘unassigned’ you can still capture and store this information for analysis later, without tying it to specific tasks.

Adding observations to Tasks

When you’re ready to start capturing observations related to a task, you can press “Start tasks” or just click on the task in the sidebar on the right.

If you’re capturing observations during a task and you come across some information that’s not quite relevant to the task at hand, you can select “Exclude observations from task” next to the “Enter to save” button. This will automatically place the observation into the “Unassigned observations” group.

Editing or changing assigned observations

If you’ve made a mistake, you can re-assign observations to different tasks on the Review tab.

Click on the observation you’d like to edit, select the correct task in the sidebar on the right and your observation should save to your selected task.

Below, we’ve reassigned an observation from Task 1 to the “Unassigned tasks” group.

You can also filter observations by task on the review tab, along with study members.

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