What is Reframer v2?

Since launching Reframer in 2019, we’ve had some great feedback from our customers and the community. We’ve been working on expanding the note taking and tagging capabilities, as well as developing a more powerful and flexible analysis functionality, such as affinity mapping.

Reframer v2 is a workflow that houses your data and insights all in one place. We’ve put special focus into ensuring that the analysis is easy to learn and understand for researchers of all experience levels. And we’ve made it more flexible, to suit qualitative research with data sets large and small.

Introducing affinity mapping

In Reframer v2, we’ve introduced affinity mapping as the main approach to analyzing your qualitative data.

Affinity mapping is a flexible and visual way to quickly group, organize and make sense of qualitative data. It is a very popular method among practitioners of all experience levels, though it's usually done within a stand-alone tool outside of where the raw data is captured, organized, tagged and stored.

We want to make affinity mapping more powerful than ever, giving you the ability to search and filter your data, and have your observations, tags, and themes all connected and stored in one place.

What does beta mean?

Simply put, it’s still a work in progress. We’re continuing to work on a set of features that will complete the workflow, and you can expect to see new features and changes being rolled out in the coming months.

We are giving selected users early access to Reframer v2 beta so that we can receive feedback and improve the product based on what you love (or don't love).

Have your say!

Want to help us make Reframer v2 even better? We’d love your feedback!

You can opt into the beta here and provide feedback in-app by clicking the feedback button in the affinity map tab.

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