A session is where you and your team will capture observations during your research, and where your recorded data will be kept.

Sessions can be individual interviews or tests with research participants, or be the outcomes of workshops or focus groups. You can capture your observations in real-time, or add observations retrospectively after your session has finished.

Create a session

To create a session, click ‘Add Session’ in the 'Sessions' tab.

Add session details

This section is for recording any information that will be useful for future reference and for your team members.

You could use this section before an interview to record the location or time of the interview or include a link to an online meeting so you can quickly dial in.

Or, you could use it during an interview to note down demographic information that you uncover during the session that you'd like to use to apply a segment, or write a note to yourself to follow up on later.

It's also a great place to write a quick summary of the session once you're done - it makes it easier for your future self to remember which of your 20 interviews had that point you really need to refer back to!

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