How to create and run surveys in different languages

If you want to run a survey in a language other than English, go to the Settings tab in whichever tool you're using  and select your language from the drop down box. 

Your participants will see a translated version of the software on the buttons and headings. You'll need to create your whole survey in your chosen language, which will also involve writing instructions and messages.

The administrator section of our site (where you create surveys and see results) will remain in English.

You can run surveys in these languages







 English (UK, AU, NZ)

 English (US)




 French (Canada)












 Norwegian (Bokmål)


 Portuguese (Brazil)

 Portuguese (Portugal)



 Spanish (Latin America)

 Spanish (Spain)






Before launching a survey, be sure that you preview it to ensure that the required translations are available and acceptable to you. If you would like to modify the translation or contribute missing words and phrases, please email  - we will send you the files that you need to edit and send back to us. Similarly, if you would like to contribute a new language, please let us know and we will send you the required files to complete and return.

To set the language for your survey, just select it from the dropdown on the Settings tab when creating or editing a survey:


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