How to use the Tasks tab in Treejack

This article tells you how to:

  • Create the tasks your participants will complete
  • Select the correct answers from your tree
  • Create post-task questions

How to create the tasks your participants will complete

Create tasks that represent the typical tasks your users need to complete when they visit your website. Type your task into the label text field.

If you need your participants to complete all of the tasks outlined in your study, simply uncheck the ‘Allow participants to skip tasks’ checkbox on the right hand side. You can also randomize the task order for your participants.

How to select the correct answer

When you click the button 'Correct answer', your entire tree will appear in a pop up box, with checkboxes next to each label. You can use the search box to find the correct label. Click the check box on the label that completes the task, and then click 'Save'. You can also select multiple labels as a correct answer for your task if you need to.