How to use the Appearance tab in Chalkmark

This article tells you how to:

  • Upload your company logo
  • Choose the color of your study

You can customize the logo and color of your study on a paid account. If you have a free account, your study will be presented to participants using the default settings. You can see the difference between the two appearances at the end of this page.

How to upload your company logo

In a paid account, you can upload your company logo to appear in the header of your study. To do this, drag your image file into the box, or click 'Browse for a file'.

You can upload PNG, JPEG or GIF files. We recommend having a white or transparent background. Images larger than 720px x 200px will be scaled to fit.

How to choose the color of your survey

In a paid account, you can change the color of your survey to match your branding. Either click the color field and choose from the color palette, or enter a HEX code to match your branding exactly.

Customized appearance example





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