An overview of the Treejack tabs

Here's a brief description of what you can do in each tab when creating a Treejack study.

Settings tab

  • Create a study name and URL
  • Select the language of your study headings and buttons
  • Protect your study with a password
  • Select a closing rule for your study

Tree tab

  • Write your tree labels manually
  • Import your information architecture from a spreadsheet

Tasks tab

  • Create the tasks your participants will complete
  • Select the correct answers from your tree
  • Create post-task questions

Messages tab

  • Write personalized welcome and thank you messages to your participants
  • Write personalized instructions for your study
  • Add a redirect URL to your study

Questionnaire tab

  • Set up a participant identifier
  • Create pre- and post-survey questions for your participants
  • Add multiple choice options, and see what they look like to participants

Design tab

  • Upload your company logo
  • Choose the color of your study

Recruit tab

  • Share your study
  • Use our participant recruitment service
  • What happens when you get more participants than you’ve ordered