How to tag observations after a session

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You and your team can add tags to observations as you capture them and after sessions have finished. 

You'll find it easier and more effective to add tags to observations after sessions, rather than during, at least to start with. Adding tags after sessions will give you the time and flexibility to ensure your tags are relevant to your project, simple to add and comprehend, and restricted to only the most necessary.

The more accurate and refined your tags are, the more meaningful your results will be.

How to access and display observations after a session

There are two ways to add tags to observations after a session is over.  The best option to use depends on whether you wish to add tags to observations you personally made or to observations made by any member of the team taking notes for that session.

If you wish to add tags to a observations you personally created you may do so by reentering that Session from the Projects page.  From there you can amend your Observations in the the same way as when you originally made them.  This is also useful should you wish to review and tidy up you notes after the session is over.

If you wish to add tags to Observations regardless of the member of the team created them you can do so from the Results section.

Click the Results button (accessible from both the Project and Session pages):

Once you're in the results, open the Themes tab. On the right under the heading 'Observations', you'll see an unfiltered list containing every observation from all the sessions you've run for that project (if you've run 3 sessions and gathered 110 observations, for example, they'll all be in this list). 

If you have run only a couple of sessions, you may be happy with tagging all the observations from the project at once. If so, you can start tagging now.

However, you may find it easier and more effective to tag observations from one particular session at a time.

To display the observations from one session only (like the one you've just finished), select the session you want from the Theme Builder on the left. Then, use the 'Order By' dropdown to order them however you want:

How to tag observations after a session

Hit 'Add Tags' to add tags. (Best sentence ever, I know).

Place a comma or hit enter between tags to add more than one at a time. Hit Tab to save the tags. The list of tags displayed in the Theme Builder on the left will update automatically. 

You may already have ideas for tags based on what you noticed during the session, and you could spend some time reading through the observations to get a feel for what comes up a lot before you start tagging. Or you can just dive straight in. You can remove tags by hitting the little x, so you can always come back and remove unnecessary or inaccurate tags later. 

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