What the results overview will tell you

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The Results Overview is intended to give you, your team, and any interested stakeholders a comprehensive view of the most significant findings of the project — in real time. 


This chart displays the most frequently occurring tags throughout the entire project. As new tags are added to observations, this chart updates, so anyone can see the tags coming up most often at any time as the project progresses. 


This chart displays the top five themes with the most observations that you or your team have created using the Theme Builder in the Themes tab. You'll see themes in this chart from the moment the first theme of the project is created, and it will update in real time as new themes are created. The top five themes are likely to be the five most important insights from your research. 


This chart displays the frequency of significance ratings on observations. You and your team will rate observations from 1–5 as you capture them, based on what you all agree the significance rating to represent. This chart updates as new observations are captured and rated, and so gives a quick insight into the data.

Read more over here about how and why to rate observations.

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