How to create a project

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When you select the Create New Project button on your Reframer Dashboard, you'll be presented with the project landing page. This page displays your project name, your sessions, your project tags, and relevant project notes.

Your Project acts as a folder for related research sessions you run, the observations you gather in those sessions, and all related tags.

Project name 

Click on the text to give your project a name. Give it a meaningful name that is consistent with your other project documentation, and that will be understandable for anyone else on your project.


A Session is where you and your team capture observations during a user research session. 

If you know what your upcoming user testing sessions will be, you can create them all as soon as you open the project. This will give help you with planning by giving you the ability to see which sessions are completed and which are still to come. Or, you can create new sessions as they happen.

Project tags

This will show all the tags associated with the project. and allow you to manage them As you start creating and tagging observations, new tags will show up here, giving you a complete picture of all the tags used by you and your team. 

You can also add project tags as soon as you open the project by clicking 'Add tags'. This is useful if you're certain about the key words and phrases that your project will focus on or surface. Adding a set of project tags could be useful if you want to restrict and refine your tags. Adding a project tag also means they'll be available in autocomplete after the session when you tag your observations.

You can create groups of related tags to make them easier to locate when applying them to observations or color them to visually identify relationships or user sentiment.

You can also merge tags together.  This can be particularly handy after a session with multiple notetakers as one person's 'user_interface' might be another person's 'UI'.  Regionalized differences in spelling can also be cleaned up this way, 'color' vs 'colour' anyone? 

Project notes 

The project notes section is useful for recording the project objectives, client details, projected dates, participant numbers, project owners, and so on. Use this space for information that will contribute to consistency across your project, and be useful for anyone else who contributes to the same Reframer project.

This space can also be used for capturing initial insights into your results as they appear, and for capturing definitive findings as the project progresses. 

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