How to create a Reframer session

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A session is where you and your team will capture observations during a research session.

To create a session, click ‘Add Session’ on the Overview page. Once you've given your session a name and added any relevant session information, you can navigate to the session by clicking ‘Open session’.

Sessions can be individual interviews or tests with research participants, or be the outcomes of workshops or focus groups. You can capture your observations in real-time, or add observations retrospectively after your session has finished (for example, if you’ve captured your notes in a notebook or spreadsheet). Read more about importing your qualitative research notes into Reframer.



This is your interface for capturing and tagging observations throughout your research session. When you save an observation, it will automatically save into the ‘Observations’ area on the right-hand side.

Read more about how to capture and tag observations.

Session info

This section is for recording any information that will be useful for future reference and for your team members. You can write and edit session information at any time. Any changes you make here will be reflected on the study overview screen.

If you have one person in your research session, you could use the notes section to record their demographics, their level of experience, and anything about them that is useful to know during and after your session.