How to create a session

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This is where you and your team will capture observations during a research session. 

To create a session, click Add session on the Project page. Once you've given your session a name, clicking the name will take you to the Session page.  

Session name

Give your session a meaningful name that will make for easy reference for you and your team. The more specific you are, the better. For example, if you are running sessions with individuals, you could include the participant number, the name of the person, and the session date (Participant One: Samuel Smith, 04 Apr 2015).


This is your interface for capturing, tagging, and rating the significance of observations throughout the research session. When you save an observation, it drops down and you can enter the next one. 

Read more about how to capture, tag, and rate observations.

Session tags

Session tags are tags that attach to every observation in this session. You can create session tags before, during, and after the session, and every observation will be updated with that tag whenever you do so.

They can be used to apply information that should apply to every observation relating to the current session, user profile or version of the user interface under test for example.

Project tags

Project tags can also be also be created before, during or after a session however they apply only to observations that you specifically put them on.  

They are used to mark observations that contain interesting or relevant information making it easier to identify patterns in participants responses during later analysis.  For example, a large number of observations tagged with 'signup' and 'frustration' across multiple different sessions would indicate a potential area of concern.

Session notes

This section is for recording any information that will be useful for future reference and for your team members. You can write and edit the session notes any time.

If you have one person in your research session, you could use the notes section to record their demographics, their level of experience, and anything you know about them that will be useful in your analysis. 

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