How to capture and tag observations during a session

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You can start capturing observations as soon as you've created a session.

The interface is designed for you to capture, tag, and rate your observations as quickly as possible. It encourages you to capture everything you see and hear. 

To capture an observation quickly 

Type your observation → Enter

Click in the observation text box to write your observation. You can write your observation as one paragraph and hit Enter to save and start the next one, or you can hit Shift-Enter to start a new line within the same observation.

To capture and rate an observation

Type your observation  Tab  Tab → 1–5  Enter

Click in the observation text box to write your observation as above. When you've finished your note, hit Tab twice to go to the significance rating, and either type in a number from 1–5 or use the Up/Down arrows to adjust the rating. 

Hit Enter to save the note. You can start typing your next note right away. The note you've written will save and drop down.

Read more about how rating works here.

To tag observations inline use hashtags and quote marks

To create tags during observations, place hashtags in front of key words (#homepage). You can also create a Quote tag automatically by adding speech marks to the observation (Participant said "I can't find the sign up link"). These tags will appear under the observation when you save it.

Alternatively (and as well), you can tag your observations after the session by going to the Themes tab in your results. Read more about adding tags after the session.

Tidying up after your session

Once your session is over, take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back, great job!   This can also be a good time to take a look over your observations and the tags you've applied whilst the session is still fresh in your mind and fix any typos or add tags that you may not have had time to include in the heat of the moment.

All observations can be edited by hovering over the observation you'd like to change and clicking the pen icon that appears.  You can also use the trash can icon to delete an observation if it really isn't useful.

Tags can be added to observations at this stage too, exactly as described above or by dragging them to the observation from the tag groups on the right of the screen.  You can also remove a tag from an observation by clicking the cross icon to the right of the tag's name.

If you find that you'd really like to rename, group, merge or flat out delete a tag from all observations forever you can do that too.  Click the ' Tag management' link to pop open the 'Tag management' dialog. 

This dialog gives you all the Tag management power you had on the 'Projects' screen without having to leave your session.  Just be aware that great power comes with great responsibility as changes you make here will apply to the entire project (all sessions) and not just the one you're currently in.


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