Formatting messages with Markdown

What is Markdown?

Our tools support Markdown so that you can control the formatting of your study messages and questions by adding bold or italic text, creating lists, adding links, images and tables.

You can either directly use the Markdown formatting text when editing or you can use the format buttons as a great way to get you started. For each edit function, we have highlighted the appropriate button for you. High five! 

Formatting text and images with Markdown.


This text will be boldStrong_text_final.png

This text will be italicItalic_Final.png

You can combine them  Combined_final_2.png


Unordered listUnordered_Text_final.png

Ordered listOrdered_text_final.png


The square brackets allow you to place the Alt Text of the image that you are uploading. This text will not show up in your message/question - only your image will. However, the alt text will display if your image is no longer available.


Finished product:Image_presented.png


The Markdown formatting for links operates in similar way as adding images outlined above! Except in the case of links, the square brackets provide the space for the link text.


You can create tables with pipes '|' and hyphens '-'. Hyphens are used to seperate the header row from the cell rows, while pipes separate each column. You must include a blank line before your table in order for it to correctly display.

Make sure that you have a |---| for every column and that each cell has content in order for the table to display properly.


Cells can vary in width and do not need to be perfectly aligned within columns. There must be at least three hyphens in each column below the header row.


Here is 3 x 3 example:



Enjoy using Markdown to edit your studies to perfection. If you have any questions then please get in touch with a friendly customer success person at

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