How to import your qualitative research notes into Reframer

Reframer is currently in beta, which means this content is too! We'll do our best to update it promptly as improvements are made. Thanks for your patience and feedback as we work on making Reframer awesome. Notice something that needs work? Please email

By importing existing observations, Reframer can used to store and make sense of all your qualitative research, helping to track your data over time.

You can import observations from a spreadsheet, using the ‘Import’ function, or enter existing observations directly into Reframer after your session.

This is a great option if you prefer to use a notebook during your sessions, or prefer to write notes retrospectively from an audio or video recording.

Importing observations into Reframer

  1. Head to Reframer and create a new session
  2. Click on the import icon within the observation input field
  3. Download the spreadsheet template from the pop-up window
  4. Fill in the spreadsheet with the information you want to import (observations, tags)
  5. Copy the data from the spreadsheet into the pop-up in Reframer
  6. See your imported observations beautifully appear in that Reframer session


If you know the precise time your observations were imported, you can include that too. Simply select the time zone in which the observation was recorded so we can keep track of it correctly

If you’re including tags in the import, you can head directly to the visualizations for some eye candy. If not, you can tag your notes for the session first.