How to enable Reframer in your Optimal Workshop account

Reframer is currently in beta, which means this content is too! We'll do our best to update it promptly as improvements are made. Thanks for your patience and feedback as we work on making Reframer awesome. Notice something that needs work? Please email

Enabling Reframer for your account will grant you access while the tool is in beta.

You’ll have access to any of the studies you create during the beta — forever, even after we release it to the public!

You can enable Reframer from your account dashboard or studies page, or through your settings.

Enabling Reframer from the dashboard

To enable Reframer from your account Dashboard, simply click on the ‘Join the beta’ button. You will be opted in automatically and taken to your first study.


You can also opt into it the same way from the Studies section of your account.


Enabling Reframer from your settings

To enable Reframer in your settings, log in and head over to Settings, then go to the Bleeding Edge tab. From there, select Reframer, update your settings and you’re good to go.