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Analyze your Treejack results
Download your Treejack results as a spreadsheet
Download your Treejack results as a spreadsheet

You can download your tree testing results in both filtered and uncut versions.

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You can download your Treejack results as a spreadsheet. The 'Results Data' spreadsheet contains 5 sheets β€” Participants, First Clicks, Paths, Destinations and Individual Task Times.
To download your Treejack results into a spreadsheet, go to the 'Download' tab in your results page.

Note: Numbers on Mac doesn't support the file format, so use an alternative program (such as Google Docs or Open Office).

Uncut data

The spreadsheet contains results from all participants, regardless of your filtering or segmenting. It doesn't matter if a participant abandoned the survey before finishing, or if you've excluded them from your data β€” every action they took will be included on the spreadsheet.

Filtered data

The spreadsheet will reflect any filtering or segmenting you've performed in your results. Therefore, the results of participants who abandoned your survey, or who you've excluded from your results, won't be included. If you've segmented your participants (by selecting only a portion of participants and then reloading your results) the spreadsheet will reflect this.

For example, you may only want to download a spreadsheet containing data from a particular demographic. You would select these results on the Participants table, reload your results, and then download the filtered spreadsheet.

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