The Paths tab shows you participant paths in detail. You can see where every participant clicked on the tree, and you can filter the paths by:

  • direct and indirect success

  • direct and indirect failure

  • direct and indirect skips.

The arrows in the path column show the direction your participants moved. For example, “> Internet > Home internet plans (DSL)” means a participant navigated from ‘Internet’ directly down to ‘Home internet plans (DSL)’.

However, if the route was “> Internet > 3G Broadband < Internet > Home internet plans (DSL)”, this would show the participant navigated down to ‘3G Broadband’ and discovered they were on the wrong path. Then the participant moved back up to ‘Internet’ and eventually arrived at ‘Home internet plans (DSL)’.

For example, in the scenario below we’ve filtered out all participants except for those who achieved a direct success for Task 1. The filter you set will stay the same as you flick through the tasks.

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