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Understand the Destinations tab in Treejack
Understand the Destinations tab in Treejack

Learn how to interpret the destinations table to see where your participants ended up for each task.

Updated over a week ago

When you set up your study, you identified a correct destination (or destinations) for each task. This tab shows you how many participants navigated down the correct path to the correct destination, and how many didn’t.

The destinations selected by your participants can give you good insight into the effectiveness of your information architecture and show you areas that need improvement.

We can see in the task below that 96% of participants ended up at the correct destination. Only one participant selected an incorrect destination. This tells us that this task was well understood, as was that particular part of the tree.

The example below is from a tree test done on the IA of a food delivery service. Only 35% of participants ended up at the correct destination, while a whopping 65% ended up at numerous incorrect destinations.

This means that many of these participants felt confused or unsure of where to find what we asked them to look for.

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