How to use the Cards tab

See at a glance where your participants placed each card in the Cards tab.

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If you want to see a list of the categories individual cards were placed in, the Cards tab is the place to visit. For each card, you can see the number of times it was sorted into unique categories, and a list of the category names.

This table enables you to focus your analysis on individual cards, and to quickly see which cards were most commonly sorted into similar categories and which were split across different categories.

It can also help to identify where your participants agree, where they have different ideas and potentially if there were card labels that they didn’t understand.

Standardizing your categories

It's a good idea to standardize your categories before exploring the cards table in more depth, because it will reduce the number of unique categories and make your analysis simpler. If you do this, this table will treat the categories you've merged as one unique categorization.

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