Our participant recruitment service allows you to order and recruit a wide range of demographics. This means we can provide recruited participants that are 'pre-screened' to meet your criteria, removing the need to use an in-study screening question.

If you intend to order participants through our recruitment service and need further screening, you can add 1 screening question to your study. However there are a couple things to be aware of:

  • We make every effort to replace participants that fail your screening question free of charge

  • If the screening question rejects more than 66% of our recruited participants we will need to take action in order to ensure we can supply the volume of participants you've ordered.

Screening questions and a high participant rejection rate

The more screening questions you add to your study, the more criteria your participants need to meet in order to qualify for your study.

If you find that a lot of participants are being rejected from your study, it may be that you have too many screening questions. Once the percentage of rejected participants exceeds 66% then the way your screening question behaves will change. All further recruited participants will still be shown the screening question, however they’ll be allowed into the study regardless of their answer. We will notify you in-app and via email if this happens.

To ensure participants that would previously have been rejected do not impact your results, their responses will be excluded from the analysis by default.

You can identify these participants from the 'Participants' section of the 'Analysis' tab.

They will have an exclamation mark next to them explaining the reason we've defaulted to excluding them. If you want to include their results regardless of their 'rejected' screening response, you can include them by switching to the “Excluded from results” table, selecting the participants, and clicking the “Include selected participants” button.

Adding screening questions 

If you're recruiting your own participants and find yourself adding a large number of screening questions to your study, you may benefit from ordering participants through our participant recruitment service instead. We offer 2 types of participant recruitment:

  • In-app order form: You can order participants in the Recruit tab in Treejack, OptimalSort, Chalkmark or Questions. You can set basic demographic information such as age range, country, gender, occupation status and education level. Studies using this type of recruitment can have 1 screening question to help further refine your participant responses.

  • Custom recruitment order: You can order targeted participants by getting in touch with our customer success team. This type of recruitment order allows you to get very specific with your criteria, which basically pre-screens your participants for you. You can add as many screening questions to your study as you need, however each one will make it harder to fulfil the order.

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