We've provided default text for your welcome and thank you messages. If you want to change this text, or add more information, use the text editors.

How to write an effective welcome message

Your welcome message is the first thing your participants will see. This message is meant to prepare participants for what to expect in the study, and to tell them why you're running the study. Keep it short and friendly, and include:

  • a friendly hello and thanks

  • an estimate for how long the study will take to complete (like '10 to 15 mins')

  • a short explanation of what your participant's response will help you with

  • a hint that they'll find instructions on the next page.

You can also include any other information that you think is suitable for the study and organization. For example, you might need participants to accept a privacy policy so that you can use their data. Or you might want to give participants some background information about your website to help them to complete the study.

We recommend keeping it as brief as possible. This welcome page gives participants their first impression of your study. If they are faced with a complex wall of text, they may assume that your questionnaire will be difficult as well, and be less likely to complete it.

What your welcome message looks like to participants

How to write an effective thank you message

Keep your thank you message short and friendly. As you can see in our default message below, all you need to do is:

  • thank your participants (of course!)

  • tell your participants they can now close the window or navigate to another webpage.

  • advise that they can now close the window or navigate to another webpage.

If there's any other information you'd like your participants to have, or any other impression you'd like to make, use this space to do so.

What your thank you message looks like to participants

How to set a redirect URL

In a paid account you can add a redirect URL to your studies. When your participants fill in the answer to your last question, they'll be taken to your URL instead of the thank you message.

You can also use a redirect URL to integrate with a participant panel. See this article for more information about doing this.

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