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Set closing rules to end your study
Set closing rules to end your study

Learn about the different closing rules you can use to end your studies.

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How to end your study — closing rule or manually

You have 4 options for when your study finishes. If you select 'Manually’, you can close your study at any time by clicking the red 'End study' button at the top of your study:

You can also choose to:

  • set a date for your study to end

  • set a participant limit

  • set both a date and a participant limit.

Participants who have started your study will be able to finish it, even if the date or participant limit is reached after they start.

Your choice will depend on your study. If you only need a set number of participants, then setting a participant limit will mean you can get started analyzing your data as soon as the limit is reached. Similarly, if you have a deadline, choosing an end date will mean you can schedule the beginning of your analysis.

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