Compare task results in Treejack

Compare two tasks from two different tree tests without leaving the results page

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Testing and comparing multiple iterations or variations of trees can help you refine a navigation structure before you implement it.

Compare task-based Treejack results

Treejack allows you to compare two tasks from two different Treejack studies without having to leave the results page.

The comparison functionality removes the need for multiple displays or downloading a spreadsheet and manually comparing the data, thus removing the tedium associated with comparative analysis.

How to compare results in Treejack

Open the tree test that you want to start your comparison from, then navigate to the ‘Task Results’ tab in the Analysis section.

Click the ‘Compare’ button in your chosen task then select the study and task you want to compare with.

You can now compare the two tasks together and start the analysis process. Do this as many times, with as many tests and tasks, as you need to.

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