Observations on the affinity map are shown as cards.

Observations on the card list

Ungrouped observations are shown in detail initially on the card list. This enable you to review all your observations one-by-one with less distraction. As you go through them, you can then move them from the card list to the board to form groups.

Observations on the board

Once you move an observation card to the board, you will see it shown in a smaller and more compact format so that you can focus on the clusters and groups.

Preview the details of an observation

If you want to quickly inspect the details of an observation card while it's zoomed out, you can do so by clicking on it.

Editing observations and tags

You can edit observations by clicking on a card then hitting ‘Edit’. You can also change the observation text (this is version controlled so that you can find the earlier version if needed), and assign tags and tasks.

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