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Review your affinity map groups in table view
Review your affinity map groups in table view

After creating your observation groups, you can review them in one place

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Seeing all your observation groups in one place

Once you've grouped your observations on the affinity map, you can view them all on the Affinity map groups table to get a clear view of all the groups and sort them by relevant stats. The numbers under the 'Sessions', 'Observations' and 'Tags' columns help you quickly gauge how significant each group is, based on the frequency of unique sessions referenced, as well as total observations included.

Viewing observations and other details associated with a group

You can click on an observation group to view more details, including the observations, sessions (usually the participants), tags and tasks that are associated with this group.

This makes it really easy for you to review the groups, and decide if the title reflects the observations they contain. It also makes it faster for you to retrieve an observation or quote related to a group.

Doing additional analysis on the groups

Ordering the groups based on metadata, such as frequency

Affinity map groups are listed alphabetically by default, if you want to see how frequent a group was referenced by different participants, you can order the list of groups with the number of sessions/participants. Simply click on the arrows next to the Sessions label.

You can also sort them by other associated metadata, such as the number of observations, and number of tags as well.

Applying filters to find the relevant groups

You can use filters to narrow down groups to find the ones that are associated with certain attributes, such as a specific tag or segment.

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