Collaborating with team members

It's easy to collaborate on your study with any team member who's already got a licence on your team plan.

Your team members have the same access to the study as you do, and will be able to view and edit the study, take notes in sessions, and analyze data with you.

On the affinity map, your team members can analyze data with you in real-time. You will be able to see who's currently viewing the affinity map from the navigation panel. You will also see that they are moving an observation or group.

To invite them to your study, simply send them a link to the study.

Invite guest notetakers to take notes

Guest notetakers are a type of study member that can be invited to take notes in your Reframer studies -- they do not take a license from your team. They only have access to the study that you invited them to, and they can only take notes in sessions but won't able to see the notes taken by others, or analyze data for your study.

This feature is a great way to involve your wider team or stakeholders in your user research activities.

View members who've contributed notes to your study

You can see all the members who have taken notes for the study from the Study members tab. It gives you information about their role (study member, or guest notetaker), access (edit study, or take notes only) and status (invited, removed, contributed).

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