Interpret the Pietree in Treejack

The pietree provides an overview of Treejack results and lets you see, at a glance, where an IA works and where it doesn’t. It shows which way your participants went at each junction in your content hierarchy and what they all selected as their final answers.

You can access the pietree from the Task Results tab. One pietree represents your participants' responses to one task, so you'll be able to see one pietree per task.

This key shows you what each color represents. You can see this key by hovering your mouse over different parts of the pietree.

The pietree comes in handy when you have a new IA design that you'd like to validate. Run 2 tree test studies. The first test will be for your current IA and a second for the new design — make sure to keep the tasks the same on both.

Now you can visually compare the pietrees across both studies and confirm all is working well. This will help you to ensure your IA and content labels are suitable for your users before you move on to wireframing and visual design.

Check out this poster that we made for a conference. It'll give you some more insights into how pietrees work.