Add or import cards to your card sort

Create cards or import labels from a spreadsheet, add descriptions and images, and customize which cards are shown.

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This article tells you how to:

  • add labels to your cards manually

  • import labels from a spreadsheet

  • add descriptions and images to cards

  • customize which cards your participants see and sort.

How to add labels to cards manually

Write the label of the card into the first label field. Press enter or 'Add card' to add more cards.

How to import labels from a spreadsheet

Click 'Import' button and copy and paste your labels from a spreadsheet to the empty label field. You'll see an example spreadsheet in the pop-up, use that as a guide for copying and pasting your labels.

Please note: any cards you've already created will be deleted when you upload labels from a spreadsheet. We don't recommend importing labels from any other kind of document.

How to delete cards

To delete individual cards, click the trash can icon to the right of the label. To delete all cards, click the 'Delete all' button underneath your cards. Deleting cards can't be undone.

How to add tooltip descriptions

Click the 'Add tooltip descriptions' checkbox in the Options section, and an extra field will appear next to your cards. Type your description into the text field.

The tooltip description will appear when your participants hover over a card.

How to add images to your cards

Click the 'Add card images' checkbox in the Options section, and an extra field will appear next to your cards. Click on the arrow icon within this field, and select your image from your files.

Your card labels are hidden from participants by default. If you want participants to see labels as well as images on each card, remove the tick next to 'Hide labels from participants'.

Images can be JPEG, PNG or GIF files of any size, and will be automatically resized to a maximum width of 200px. Larger image files might take longer to load. If you want all your images to be the same size, do this before you upload them.

Always preview your card sort before you launch to make sure the images look how you want them to.

How to customize which cards your participants see and sort

In the Options section, you have three options for customizing your study. You can:

  • require participants to sort all the cards (or not)

  • randomize the order your cards are presented to participants

  • choose how many cards to show participants (if you've randomized the order).

Read more to find out which options will suit your card sort study.

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