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Show each participant a randomly selected subset of tasks
Show each participant a randomly selected subset of tasks

If you have a large of number of tasks, you can opt to show a random subset of tasks to your participants.

Updated over a week ago

In Treejack and Chalkmark, you may have more tasks than you want to present to your participants. You can opt to have a randomly selected grouping of your tasks

On the Create page, at the bottom of the "Tasks" tab, is a group of controls. Simply change the drop-down menu from "all" to the desired value. Note, however, that you must have chosen to randomly order your tasks for each participant in order to select this option.

It's often advisable to show a subset of your tasks if you have a large number of them in order to prevent your participants getting bored and abandoning your study โ€” we recommend showing each participant no more than 20 tasks. This means, however, that you'll potentially need to invite more participants in order to get enough results for each task.

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