When you upgrade to a paid account at Optimal Workshop, you will be buying one of the following:

  • A monthly subscription to the Full Suite.
  • A annual subscription to the Full Suite.
  • A single study upgrade, applied to an individual study.

Signing up for a subscription service means you agree to your subscription being automatically renewed each month or year.

Stopping the automatic renewal of your subscription

You can stop your subscription from automatically renewing at any time and there is no penalty for doing this. Stop your auto-renewal by clicking 'Stop renewing this subscription' in the My Plans tab in the My Account page:

If you don't see an option to stop renewing the subscription, then your subscription is not set to auto-renew, and it will end on the subscription expiry date shown:

After your subscription ends

You will still have access to all of your surveys, and the data you have already collected. You will need to resubscribe if you want to keep using the tools with unlimited features. You will still be able to create surveys with limited features, as per a free account.

If a survey is still open when your subscription ends, it will close automatically once you have reached the limit of the free service.

For example, if your subscription stops, and an open survey has exceeded 10 participants, the survey will automatically close. But if the survey has not reached 10 participants, it will stay open until the limit of 10 participants is reached.

Read more about the differences between free and paid accounts.

Paying charges you have incurred

Once you cancel your subscription you won't be charged again. You will pay any charges you have incurred.

For example; if your renewal is due on 18 July, and you miss the date and cancel on 20 July, your payment on 18 July will have already gone through, and your subscription will be valid until the expiry date. We cannot offer refunds in this situation.

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