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What you can and can't edit in your study after launch
What you can and can't edit in your study after launch

Learn about which settings are locked, and what you can edit in your study after it's launched.

Updated over a week ago

We put these restrictions in place to maintain the integrity of the data you collect.

After launching a study, the following settings are locked and cannot be changed:

  • Participant identifier

  • Pre-, post- and post-task study questions

  • Screening questions

  • Study password

  • The tree and tasks (Treejack)

  • Cards and card options (OptimalSort)

  • Categories and category options (OptimalSort)

  • Tasks and task options (Chalkmark)

  • Uploaded images (Chalkmark)

  • Study URL

For all draft and live studies, you can change:

  • Study name

  • Design settings (logo and background color)

  • The welcome, instructions, thank you and closed study messages

  • The study closing rule

  • The defined correct nodes and correct areas in Treejack and Chalkmark tasks respectively.

If your study is live and you need to make changes to settings that are locked, you can duplicate your study and edit the necessary settings before launching.

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