How to write your tree labels manually

To type in your labels, double-click the label field or click the notebook icon on the right. To add lower level labels (known as 'children' of the higher level labels) click the + symbol on the right of the higher level label above it.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts: press enter to add an item directly underneath. Or press tab to indent the current item, which will make it a child of the one above.

In the following example, the highest level label is 'Food', and its first child is 'Vegetables'. To add another child at the same level as 'Vegetables', you can either click the + icon on the 'Food' label, or press enter after typing in a label on the same level:

To add a third level, click the + icon next to the second level label. In the example below, the label 'Carrots' is a child of the node 'Vegetables':

How to import your information architecture from a spreadsheet

First, you need to format your information architecture so that each level of your tree is represented by a column in your spreadsheet. You could add a 'Home' (or similar) label to the top left cell but if you don't, a top label will be added for you.

When you click 'Bulk import' you'll see a pop up window with an empty text box. Highlight the full contents of your spreadsheet (or just the cells that represent the entire tree) and copy and paste it into the empty text box and click 'Import'.

If Treejack won't accept your spreadsheet, check that all labels on are on their own row in the spreadsheet.

Highlight and copy the sitemap on your spreadsheet

Paste your labels into the empty text box

And here's what your tree will look like

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