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How to get consent from your participants

Find out how to make sure that your participants understand your privacy policy

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When running research studies it's important to follow key data collection practices:

  • Ensure participants know how their data will be used

  • Give them the opportunity to opt-out if they don’t feel comfortable sharing their data

  • Ensure that all study participants have given consent before they enter the study.

Optimal Workshop supports you in doing this and sorts out the logistics for you.

How to add a participant agreement form to your study

Within your study setup, you can choose to unselect "Skip participant agreement" in the "Messages & Instructions" tab. Note, that by default, it is skipped:

Messages and Instructions tab with a checkbox to Skip participant agreement

You will be able to enter your participant agreement form as text in the section marked red below. Switch to "edit" mode to do so:

What that looks like for the participant

In order to begin the study, participants need to pass all the stages that you have set up:

  • Welcome screen (optional)

  • Participant agreement (optional)

  • Participant screener (optional)

These stages show up in the following order:

What makes a good participant agreement form

Understand what it covers and what it doesn't

Be aware that the participant agreement covers the relationship between you and the participant and should not be in conflict with the existing Terms between you and Optimal which governs your use of Optimal products and services.

What should be in the form

Remember, we are not lawyers and this is not legal advice! But we've listed below a few tips based on what we've seen over the years:

Specify who you are

...and how participants can reach out to you if they have questions.

Define the purpose of your study

Participants can only give true consent if they understand for what purpose their data will be used.

What can they expect?

This might be relevant for them to gauge their commitment. Tell them about the study content, the duration and a potential incentive.

How will you ensure their privacy?

This is important, particularly if you collect personal identifiable information (PII) such as email addresses. Explain to them what PII you will collect, for what purpose, and how you do/do not share this information with third parties or outside of the bespoke research project.

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