Tidying up your observations

Once your session is over you can start cleaning up your observations, assign them to relevant tasks, and ensure everything is in order before you start analysis.

This is also the best time to go through and start tagging your observations. Use the ‘Review and tag’ tab to look over your notes whilst the session is still fresh in your mind.

Editing observations

Use this as an opportunity to fix typos or add any additional data that you may not have had time to include in the heat of the moment.

You can edit your observations by clicking directly into the observation. You can also delete an observation if it isn’t useful, or star it if it’s particularly significant.

Consolidating repeating observations

If you come across observations that make a similar point, you can consolidate them to save some analysis time and reduce false positives.

You can use keyword search to quickly find observations with similar wording and decide if some of them are repeats. To consolidate two observations, you can copy the text from one observation into another, and delete the duplicates.

Tagging and assigning tasks to observations

Tag an observation or multiple observations

Adding tags to your observations after your sessions will give you the time and flexibility to ensure your tags are as relevant and useful as possible. The more accurate and refined your tags are, the more meaningful your results will be.

You can tag individual observations by selecting them and clicking on the relevant tags, or multi-select and tag several observations at once.

You can also remove a tag from an observation by clicking the 'x' icon to the right of the tag's name.

Assign a task to an observation

Assigning tasks works the same way as tagging. You can assign a task to individual observations by selecting them and clicking on the relevant tags, or multi-select and assign a task to several observations at once. You can also remove a task from an observation by selecting 'No task assigned'.

Edit tags

If you find that you'd really like to rename, group, merge or delete a tag from all observations forever, you can do that too. Pop back over to the Tags tab in the Setup section.

Here you can make the changes you need to. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility - changes you make here will apply to the entire study (all sessions) and not just the one you're currently in.

Quickly find relevant observations with search and filter

Filtering observations

To help you review your data, you can filter your observations to isolate the ones you are looking for. You can filter by:

  • keyword used in the observation

  • the study member who wrote the observation

  • tags that are already applied to observations

  • tasks that are already assigned to observations

  • starred observations

Keyword search can be used to find all observations that include specific text. This search includes matches against the text of your observation as well as the names of any tags you’ve applied.

In addition, the filters all work together. So you could, for example, combine them to find all observations created by ‘Bob’ that have a star applied and include the word ‘accessibility’.

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