Create accounts and sign in using Google Sign-In

The Optimal Workshop platform now allows new users to create an Optimal Workshop account and use Google Sign-In.  Google Sign-In is fancy speak for “signing in to your account with your Google account”. For those in the know this is based on ‘OAuth 2.0’, an industry standard for authorization.

This means that new users who choose to sign in using Google will not need to worry about remembering  a dusty password. Instead, access to Optimal Workshop is one click of an authorized button away.


Here are the details:

New Users

  • Can sign up with google
  • Can change their account email address to not be the one paired with their google account
  • Can set their first and last name
  • Can only log in with google
  • Can’t set a password
  • Can accept User Invites, while creating or logging in through google


Existing Users

  • Can’t link their current OW account to a google account. We are working on this functionality as we speak.
  • Aren’t really affected right now - life continues as normal regarding logging in with passwords etc.

Got further questions? Here are some awesome FAQs:

Q: When will the ability to link accounts happen?

A: Soon - we do not have any confirmed timeline as to when this will be rolled out but we are working on it.

Q: Are we planning to add other OAuth providers?

A: Not in the foreseeable future!

Q: Can I have a password and a Google login?

A: No - one or the other at this stage.

Q: What’s the advantage?

A: Don’t need to remember a password anymore! And you still get to pick the email address where all our beautiful marketing materials go. Organisations can easily administrate their user accounts via their GSuite admin platform (e.g. revoke access to their Google account will also revoke access to OW).

Q: I set my email to something different than the one on my google account, is that okay?

A: It needs to be an email we can reach you at, especially if you ever need support, but we can still log you in through that Google account just fine.

Q: Help I lost access to my Google account!

A: Please speak to our awesome Customer Success team at

Q: I hit ‘Log in with Google’ but it told me to log in with a password?

A: We already have an account with that email registered! Please forage for your password and log in traditionally.

Q: I hit ‘Log in with Google’ and now I can’t find any of my studies?

A: You probably made a new account! If your Google account’s email is different to your OW email, we probably thought you were a new person.

Your old account is still there, accessible with your usual password, but if you’ve done anything you’d like to keep on the new one then please speak to our Customer Success team at

Q: I signed up with Google but I'd like also to have a password, so I can share my account with everyone else in my company?

A: It is against Optimal Workshop’s terms of service to share accounts across users. You can read about our terms of service here.

Q: What if I don’t like Google or I don’t have a Google Account?

A: You don’t have to sign in with Google if you don’t want to, and we will never force you to. 

Can’t see the burning question that you needed answered? Never fear - contact the Customer Success team and they will help you continue you on the path of success -

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