Use the Participants table to filter your Chalkmark results

This article tells you how to use the participants table to:

  • review details about your participants and their first-click tests
  • include or exclude participants from your results
  • segment results based on identifiers, URL tokens, and question responses.

The table gives you details about every participant who started your survey, including identifiers, URL tokens, time taken, question responses, and percentage of tasks completed.

Include or exclude participants from your results

Participants who complete all tasks are automatically marked as 'Included' (in green). It's a good idea to look over the included participants to make sure they meet your standards. For example, you could arrange the table by Time Taken, and exclude participants who you consider went too fast or took too long. If someone completes 8 tasks in only 30 seconds, you might think they haven't taken your survey seriously enough. 

Participants are considered to have 'abandoned' a survey if they don't complete any tasks, and if they don't reach the final page (your Thank You page or redirect URL). These participants are automatically marked as 'Excluded'.

We still include them in your Participants table so that you can choose to include them if you want to. For example, you might see that a participant marked as 'abandoned' has completed 60% of tasks, which will still give you valid data as Chalkmark tasks are scored individually. 

Segment results based on identifiers, URL tokens, and question responses

To segment and reload your results based on participant identifiers or URL tokens, search for the identifier or token, and select them all using the check box. Now that your chosen participants are highlighted, you can hit 'Apply' to reload your results, or you can include more participants in your selection before reloading.

If your participants completed pre or post survey questions that had pre-set answers (like multi-choice), you can segment your results based on their answers. Use the questionnaire filters and then reload your results. The option to do this will appear next to the search box.

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