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Analyze your first-click test results
Download your Chalkmark results as spreadsheets and PDFs
Download your Chalkmark results as spreadsheets and PDFs

You can download your Chalkmark results in the Downloads tab in different formats.

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You can download spreadsheets of the Chalkmark results data and PDFs of your clickmaps in the Downloads tab.

Download your clickmaps as a PDF

The first page of the PDF contains a list of the tasks, how many first clicks were recorded, how many participants skipped the task, and the average time it took participants to click.

The following pages contain the color-versions of your heatmaps, which you can scale to fit each page by choosing that printer setting. Though you can see a Grid view and a Selection view on screen in the Clickmaps tab, you can't download your clickmaps with this view because they are generated in the browser.

Download the participants spreadsheet

The participants spreadsheet contains all the information you have about your participants. You'll see the identifier, the URL token, times, tasks completed, and answers to their pre- and post-study questions.

Download the raw data

The raw data shows you the data by task. You'll see a summary of clicks, tasks skipped, and an average time. You'll also see x and y coordinates for each participant clicked, which are relative to the top left corner of the page.

Download task results

The task results denote whether each task was a success or failure for each participant, along with the time taken for each individual task.ย 

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