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Access your data after your subscription ends
Access your data after your subscription ends

Find out what happens to your studies, the results you had gathered and account once your subscription expires.

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After your subscription ends

As soon as your subscription ends you’ll automatically be moved to the free plan. You can still: 

  • access all your studies

  • launch studies with free plan limits

  • download your data from your account. 

Any studies that are still live will stay live and continue to collect responses. If your studies have already received 10 responses and you’d like to view any new responses, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription again. 

If you are on a Team plan when your subscription ends, the Team Owner will continue to have access to the account, however any other license holders will no longer have access.

What happens to my results?

You will still have access to all of your studies that you had created whilst subscribed. Once your paid subscription ends, you'll only be able to view the first 10 responses that your study received. You can always resubscribe to a paid plan to view the full number of responses.

What if I have an open study when my subscription ends?

If a study is still open when your subscription ends, it will continue to stay open and collect participant responses. If your study has already collected 10 responses, you won’t be able to view any new responses until you’ve resubscribed to a paid plan. 

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