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How to import observations into Reframer
How to import observations into Reframer

Import observations into Reframer using copy and paste or our CSV file template.

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You can capture your observations directly in Reframer during your user interviews, or you can import them using one of the following methods.

Importing using CSV file

1. Prepare your observations

Set up your observations in the same format as our example spreadsheet.

Observations must be in the first column of your spreadsheet.




Enter your observations in this column

Star (optional)

Mark your observation as starred. Only a value of "y" will mark an observation as starred, any other value will leave the observation unstarred.

Tag names (optional)

Enter tag names for your observation in this column. Tag names can only have letters, numbers and underscores. Spaces and special characters are not supported. Multiple tag names must be comma separated.

Timestamp (optional)

Add a timestamp for when your observation was captured. Use the date time format "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss"

2. Create a CSV file

Depending on what spreadsheet tool you use, you will need to download and save your observations as a CSV file. Please make sure your CSV file is UTF-8 encoded to ensure a successful upload.

If using Google Sheets go to File > Download > Comma Separated Values (.csv)

If using Excel go to File>Save As> CSV (Comma delimited)

3. Import to Reframer

To import your observations into Reframer go to ‘Capture’, ‘select a session’, then click on the ‘import icon’.

4. Select Your Data Source:

Select your saved CSV file and click ‘Import’.

Importing observations using copy and paste

If you need to add timestamps, tags and stars to your observations, use our spreadsheet to format your text before pasting into the text box.

1. Prepare your observations for importing

In order to import, each observation will need to be line separated. Once this is complete you are ready to copy your observations.

PC: Ctrl + c for copy, Ctrl + v for paste

Mac: ⌘ + c for copy, ⌘ + v for paste

2. Import into Reframer

Once your data is prepared and copied, go to your Reframer study and click on ‘Capture’. From here ‘select a session’, this will allow you to click on the ‘import icon’, then select ‘copy and paste into text box’.

3. Import into Reframer

Once your data is prepared and copied, go to your Reframer study and click on Capture. From here select a session, then click on the import icon, then select ‘copy and paste into text box’.

Please note the maximum number of observations you can import is 5,000.

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